Sensational Path Mobile Sensory Clinic

by Erin Grujic

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Mar 02, 2018


Apr 16, 2018




Sensational Path Mobile Sensory Clinic

by Erin Grujic in Pincher Creek

Business Plan

I have been an occupational therapist for 18 years, and have always had a passion for working with children. I've dreamed of having a mobile sensory clinic for years and now it's time for it to hit the road. I'm looking for your support to bring my mobile sensory integration clinic to rural communities in Southern Alberta. The mobile sensory clinic will bring services right to your door. No more drives to Lethbridge, or Calgary. I'm looking to prove that this is a necessary service and to raise $10,000 to convert the school bus into a fully equiped fun and save environment for learning and sensorimotor development. It's time to get this bus on the road!  

Sensory integration refers to the way the nervous system receives messages from the senses and turns them into appropriate motor and behavioral responses. Sensory integration is the foundation for learning and behavior. "Typically" developing children explore their environment, through movement and play, and spontaneously process sensory information and respond to challenges in the environment. When the signals don't get organized into appropriate responses we see breakdown in learning, behavior, and daily activities. It's like a traffic jam in the brain, which creates challenges performing everyday tasks. A child may over respond to sensation (touch, the feeling of their clothes, being bumped, having a haircut, unexpected noise, scents, bright lights)in a fight, flight or fright state; or a child may seek more intense sensations making it difficult to sit still, pay attention, everyday activities may seem boring or mundane to seeker. 

The idea of a sensory integration clinic is not a new concept. A.Jean Ayers developed and tested this theory and it is used around the world in child development centers and occupational therapy clinics. 

The idea that I am presenting is a mobile sensory integration clinic, a converted bus that will visit rural communities in southern Alberta. The bus will be equipped with specialized sensory equipment to create a sensory rich environment, and staffed by myself, an experienced occupational therapist with specialized training in sensory integration. Children can visit the bus by scheduling appointments on the days the bus will be in their community. The occupational therapist will set the bus up with just right challenge to provide and control sensory input in such a way that the child spontaneously responds to challenges, which leads to better organization of behavior. For example: a child who cannot sit still and becomes disruptive in class can learn how to choose equipment and activities in therapy that will satisfy his need for movement and enable him to sit for longer periods of time to complete work at his desk. The therapist can then make recommendations for home and school activities.  

The bus can also be reserved for birthday parties and local events.

The mobile sensory clinic will allow rural communities like Pincher Creek, where I live, to access specialized services that are available in urban centers. It will help children be comfortable in their own skin and reduce the stress on families of children with sensory needs.  I have knowledge and expertise using sensory integration frame of reference to help improve behavior, learning, daily functioning, coordination and motor skills. Do you know what it’s like to drive 2 hours to a specialist appointment with a child who can’t sit still, or over-responds to everyday sensations? By supporting the Sensational Path campaign you are bringing sensory integration therapy to children and families of Southern Alberta and decreasing the stresses of families of children with special needs. 

You can support the campaign by pre-purchasing services for yourself or someone you know, for your school, daycare or for a community event. 

Comments (30)

Heather Rickard says:

Way to go Erin. Can't wait to see this come to life

17 seconds ago

Monica Sczyrba-Davis says:

Can't wait for our Learners to participate in this program!

23 seconds ago

Teja Klancic says:

Erin, massive congratulations! This is such a great idea and we can't wait to follow your success. Wishing you all the best, Teja and Jernej <3

9 seconds ago

Lisa Denie says:

Looking forward to seeing where this adventure takes you. It will be a great service for our community.

37 seconds ago

Juli Rohl says:

Wonderful idea! All the best for your success!

20 seconds ago

Roxane Baalim says:

I think this is wonderful. I've been so lucky personally and with my daughter to not have to deal with some of these challenges. Having something like this to support kids with sensory issues is a wonderful thing and I know will make a difference in their lives. Best of luck! You are so close!

9 seconds ago

Natalie Jensen says:

You got this, Erin!!

56 seconds ago

Kayl Davies says:

So excited for you, Erin. Can’t wait to see the bus in action!

52 seconds ago

Janifer Calvez says:

Way to go Erin! all the best with it all!

57 seconds ago

Marie Laenen says:

Lwts get your idea running!

3 seconds ago

Kirsten Hansen says:

Love these Bracelets! Looking forward to seeing your Mobile Sensory Bus!

8 seconds ago

Tammy Mayer says:

So amazing Erin ,,,, 👍❤️

38 seconds ago

Jeanette Davis says:

A novel way to help children! Wishing her success on her journey from idea to entrepreneur!

56 seconds ago

Anne Gover says:

Bravo, Erin! What a great resource for the community!

35 seconds ago

ATB BoostR says:

WOW amazing pitch Erin. Congrats on the many votes for you and your business. That is validation that your business idea is what everyone is looking for. You're so close to your goal! Keep on rocking.

1 seconds ago

Shelby Hengerer says:

If you get the bus can you dress as mrs frizzal😜

14 seconds ago

Cindy Goldhawk says:

Good luck Erin!!!!

28 seconds ago

Lynne DeCock says:

Excited for Erin's most needed venture

1 seconds ago

Pam Gale says:

I wish I had your services available when my kids were young.

2 seconds ago

Debra Lopez says:

You are going to impact the world and leave an imprint forever!

36 seconds ago

Sherry Gross says:

Very interesting and creative way to deliver sensory stimulation. Great job Erin!

19 seconds ago

wendy thompson says:

Great idea Erin. Good luck!!

14 seconds ago

Kirsten Hansen says:

Brilliant Idea! Looking forward to seeing your bus up and running!

57 seconds ago

Vanessa Sparks-Pomreinke says:

Much luck on your endeavor Erin! As a special needs parent I can attest to the frustrations of often having to travel to urban centres to attain needed services. I think you have an awesome idea! We hope to come and have some fun on your bus in the not so distant future!

42 seconds ago

Margaret Grant says:

Good luck!

33 seconds ago

Elizabeth Mitchell says:

This is such a worthwhile venture!! Way to go Erin!

6 seconds ago

Michelle Spencer says:

Good Luck Erin ! A grand adventure !

3 seconds ago

Lisa MCSHANE says:

Erin, as I sell Discovery toys rep, maybe I can help you out with some fidget toys for your bus at a reasonable rate. Let me know.

38 seconds ago

Lauren Kennedy says:

Way to go Erin!

42 seconds ago

Myra Hammond says:

You’re on your way!!

47 minutes ago


Erin Grujic


I am an Occupational Therapist with knowledge and experience helping kids be kids: playing, learning, grooming, and exploring. I am also a mom who was born and raised in Pincher Creek, who understands the need for specialized services close to home. I know that driving to the city for appointments is not convenient or even possible for many.

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