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Beauty it's in your hands.


Business Plan

Our story begins...

11 years ago, when the owner Mirielle Ficacci became a nail technician in her home country Mexico. She was looking to fulfill her passion for design and helping women to express in a positive way their inner beauty. In Mexico, she had her own studio, but then she moved to Edmonton and is here where she had the vision to start her own business adventure, with a nail salon that gives customers the respect and service they deserve and offers jobs opportunities to nail technicians.

Our current location…

Around a year ago Mirielle had the opportunity to rent a space within a store dedicated to supplying products for nail technician and is there where she started to nurture the brand and concept for Mirific Nails.

Our services…

Mirific Nails is a salon dedicated to providing manicures and pedicures services, based on the high demand existing for natural nail care, along with other nail enhancements. The design is our commitment, we use our customers personality as an inspiration to create handmade nail art that is wearable and functional to everyday women lives.

Our visionary concept…

We want to be the choice in Edmonton when talking about nails and beauty. We’ll do this by being in a well-located spot in the city, with a minimalistic and clean salon ambiance where we can offer safe, quality services and trendy nails design. Also, by having a multifunctional room to offer bachelorette parties, small fashion shows, pop-up boutiques, personal image workshops, make-up classes and all the help we can provide to women to enhance their natural beauty.

Our plan…

1.     Reach the 100% of our goal for the campaign ($10,000)

2.     Once we have the money, we’ll buy the equipment and supplies for 2 manicure stations and 2 pedicure stations.

3.     Find the location and have it ready to open by July 2019

4.     Inauguration Gala by July 15. 

5.     Start to provide rewards to our supporters and services to the general public by July 2019.

Your play…

We’re asking you to support our crowdfunding campaign with money in exchange for one of our rewards, which may include one or two of our popular services with an exclusive feature for our supporters, like have their names printed in a canvas that will be handled as a decoration in the salon or an invitation to our VIP Inauguration Gala, awesome right?

Comments (4)

Florencia Hernández says:

I believe in your work. I know how hard working person you are and I wish you the best!

34 seconds ago

Carmen Salazar Martinez says:

Wishing you all the best for this campaign, I love your work and am happy to support it!

30 seconds ago

Gabrielle Suttis says:


34 seconds ago

Gabriela Jessome says:

Congratulations on this beautiful initiative. I can’t wait to share this campaign. Mirific nails is not just a nail salon. It’s a fabulous place when your story and imagination comes to life with the creativity and skills of Miri, the best artist I have ever known.

55 seconds ago


Mirielle Ficacci


What amazing challenge life is offering me by making my passion a real business and to offer to other nail technicians a career opportunity. Skills: * Leadership * Teamwork * Event planning * Time management * Communication & Design

Mirielle Ficacci


I have been nail artist for over 10 years and one of my personal goals in the nails industry is give women the opportunity to transform their life while transforming their nails. Although I have my own style, I have the ability to design nails for all tastes, styles, and personalities. Skills: * Nail technology * Session manicurist * Creativity * 3d Nail art * Handmade Nails design * Acrylic, hard gel, and gel polish application

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