Flo Alpine Spa - A World-Class Scandinavian Medical Spa

by Serge Ouimette info@groupeouimette.ca

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Oct 06, 2017


Nov 20, 2017




Flo Alpine Spa - A World-Class Scandinavian Medical Spa

by Serge Ouimette in Canmore

Business Plan


Flö Alpine Spa 

Rediscover your flow!


The Scandinavian Medical Spa - An Ecologically Sustainable Spa with outdoor pool and sauna experience with add on therapeutic massages and natural esthetics, café & fine dining, educational seminars, destination health and wellness programs, and medical sanctuary built into 6 acres of pristine mountain wilderness in the beautiful town of Canmore, Alberta. 

Executive Summary

Flö Alpine Spa is a world-class facility that provides the international community with superior quality care to guests in a relaxing, comfortable and welcoming environment. The objective is to provide people with the opportunity to escape from their harried lives and to come back to reality. Guests of Flö Alpine Spa will feel pampered from the moment of their arrival at the spa and will leave feeling transformed.


Project Objectives and Sources of Funds 

Flö Alpine Spa aims to become a world-class spa, designed, built & operated in the Bow Valley, and to provide a unique and diversified experience that appeals to a wide sector of the growing adult wellness-seeking market.

Current Status of the Project

Flö Alpine Spa has been in planning for more than 6 years. An unconditional Agreement of Purchase and Sale (summarized below) is in negotiation between the subdivision developer, Three Sisters Mountain Village Properties Ltd., and Flö Development Corporation (`FDC`). FDC has invested around $50,000 to date in soft costs relating to the Flö Alpine Spa project. These costs include master planning, architecture, marketing, engineering and logistics.

We want to use crowdfunding to cover costs for the master planning (part 2) and design. The money will allow us to gather our team of professionals for a 3-day retreat here in Canmore, more specifically to garner and fine-tune all details for the project.

Competitive Edge – The Market Opportunity

As the first spa of its kind in the region, in the province, and in Western Canada, Flö Alpine Spa has the advantage of being the first to establish itself and to capture a unique combination of Scandinavian spa, Boutique Spa, Educational Centre and Medical Sanctuary. 

The model is client-centred and customer service is of paramount importance at Flö Alpine Spa. Each client will be made to feel welcome as though they are coming into a comfortable home environment. Pre-screening will enable our hosts to provide a Boutique Spa experience that meets the individual needs of every guest, and separates us from the competition.

Currently, there are no spas that combine the Scandinavian and Medical Spa concepts in the Western part of Canada. The Flö Alpine Spa concept is a first of its kind in Canada and proves to be an effective means of employment with the Medical Sanctuary and Educational Programs. A “Boutique Scandinavian Medical Spa” experience is key to this project, as we are building Flö Alpine Spa into the No. 1 based personal growth company in the world specializing in mental and physical well-being.

People will love our evidence-based research, products and services, and build towards having raving fans and companies who recommend us to their friends, employees, clients and associates.

The Vision

The vision of Flö Alpine Spa is to work with a global, long-term and broad-based outlook supported by strong goal-oriented, time and budget-sensitive business practices. The result: creating a beautiful spa facility set into the natural surroundings while respecting the beauty Mother Nature provides.

Our motto: Work at play is an unparalleled commitment to loving what we do every day, the development of an uncommon and extraordinary four-season spa that respects nature and provides a memorable, unique and exceptional experience in one of the most beautiful places on earth for people to escape the hectic pace of daily life and reconnect with what is truly important – self, family, friends and nature – to awaken and revitalize.


As defined by Flö Alpine Spa management, the vision is to plan and construct the physical facilities into leading edge ecologically sustainable pools, spas and buildings, including an off-grid building to host the reception area, guest lounges, offices and for gathering/meeting spaces.

There are six (6) main areas of income and physical services offered: 

  1. Spa – Pools/Saunas & Relaxation Areas;

  2. Massage Services & Treatments;

  3. Retail / Store; 

  4. The Wellness Café & Restaurants (Fine Dining);

  5. The Educational Program Centre;

  6. The Medical / Healing Sanctuary – to be considered in Phase III of the project.

    Concluding Statement

    The vision for Flö Alpine Spa is to evolve into an international eco-retreat centre providing guests with a unique and inspiring experience in finding balance and wellness.  Becoming a model for environmental leadership is definitely achievable.  In order to become a financially self-sustaining business venture and move Flö Alpine Spa into a highly successful operating position in the market will require sufficient time and an orderly and incremental process.


  The theme for Flö is a transformative experience that awakens and invigorates our guests.

Comments (29)

Anonymous Anonymous says:

All the best in your endeavour!

10 seconds ago

Julie Rutledge says:

you are so close!!

22 seconds ago

Darin Fauth says:

To future health and healing in the Bow Valley!!

59 seconds ago

stephane theoret says:

Never give up! You have an amazing project!!!

56 seconds ago

Brent & Christine Harle says:

Cheryl & Serge, All the best! Brent & Christine

57 seconds ago

Chris Mink says:

Go Cheryl and Serge. Great project, worthy investment.

16 seconds ago

Julie Rutledge says:

Beautiful offering! happy to be a part of making this magic happen <3

50 minutes ago

Shelley Gallant says:

Congratulations and so proud of you! This is going to be an amazing spa.

2 seconds ago

Josee Ouimet says:

Good Luck from Roger Ouimet

9 seconds ago

Clayton Foster says:

Incredible opportunity you have on the horizon, for both yourselves and your future clientele, looking forward to following the progress as journey unfolds!

55 seconds ago

Craig Patrick says:

Good luck on this exciting opportunity Serge!

2 seconds ago

Johanna Sauve says:

All the best to you Cheryl and Serge! Wonderful concept. I'll see you at the spa :)

42 seconds ago

Stephanie Zettel says:

All the best!

10 seconds ago

Teresa Whitmore says:

I wish you both success!!

8 seconds ago

lisa gossen says:

Good luck to you both!

1 seconds ago

Brian Wilson says:

Good luck Cow, looks like exciting times ahead for you and Cheryl

32 seconds ago

Jane Percy says:

All the best Cheryl and Serge! A very exciting venture!

28 seconds ago

Eloise King says:

Good luck Cheryl! Im gunning for you all the way from here downunder in Sydney, Australia!

8 seconds ago

Michel Cote says:

Good luck guys

1 seconds ago

Gigi Grant says:

Can’t wait for this to be a reality. It’s going to be an amazing Spa for the western area.

2 seconds ago

Nancy Ouimet says:

Can't wait to relax at the Flo Alpine Spa!

15 seconds ago

Josee Ouimet says:

Great project! Wishing you success.

4 seconds ago

Alissa English says:

Best of luck with this amazing local project!

23 seconds ago

Dana Cooper says:

Great idea in a fantastic location! Wishing you much success...Dana & Nadine

8 seconds ago

Rosemary Vaillant says:

Congratulations Cheryl and Serge!! Best of Success!

57 seconds ago

Line Desjardins says:

To an unbelievable project and couple. We really hope we can visit your International Spa very soon. Love. Line & Tim xx

2 seconds ago

Kathryn Radford says:

It will be beautiful!

52 seconds ago

Brian Clark says:

Best of luck with it Serge!

8 seconds ago

Serge Ouimette says:

We're very excited to have this project coming to our community.

52 seconds ago


Cheryl Cooper


The Director of Vitallife Integrative Medicine, Cheryl brings 25 years of expertise and experience working in the health and wellness industry. She has been successful in bringing Vitallife Integrative Medicine, an integrative medical centre in Ottawa, Canada to a level of high recognition in the health industry. She was one of Ottawa’s most respected Naturopathic doctors before moving to Canmore. She holds a degree in Naturopathic Medicine, a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Kinetics with H...

Serge Ouimette


Serge has twenty five (25) years of outstanding performance in civil engineering, residential and resort development, landscape design and execution, and general management experience. A proven consistent record of Senior Project Management and leading complex, multi engineering design of municipal government and private sector developments. His successes include several resort and residential projects such as Mont Tremblant Resort, the Fairmont Mont Tremblant, and the Quintessence including th...

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