A Storefront for More Fun! Gourmet Sweets

by Ashley Prince morefungourmetsweets@gmail.com

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Feb 01, 2019


Feb 28, 2019




A Storefront for More Fun! Gourmet Sweets

by Ashley Prince in Leduc

Business Plan

More Fun! Gourmet Sweets takes the classic sweets we all know and love- like cupcakes, cakes, cookies and transforms them with healthful and gourmet ingredients.

All my baked goods have a proprietary combination of sprouted spelt flour, unbleached flours and I use organic produce, eggs and dairy. Natural flavor, natural colors and no preservatives. More Fun! creates baked goods you can feel good about serving to yourself and your family. Everything is made fresh and from scratch and you can taste that in every bite.

This crowdfunding campaign will raise some of the remaining funds needed to move my bakery into a storefront location in Leduc.

I currently work out of a rented kitchen and all my orders are custom. When I open the storefront, I will offer an array of freshly baked goods like cupcakes, cookies, donuts, specialty desserts and more! And of course a small coffee bar because you’re going to need coffee with those fresh donuts!

I created this business because I couldn’t purchase the type of sweets I was craving. I wanted something gourmet for the foodie in me, but I also wanted something downright satisfying- like a dessert you get at a top notch restaurant. I knew I could make myself something to satisfy this craving, but I needed the convenience of being able to walk into a shop and purchase exactly what my sweet tooth desired.

There is definitely a need for a bakery like mine in Leduc because the only places you can walk into and get a fresh cake, cupcake or donut is the big box food stores. The feedback from the public so far has been phenomenal. I have sold out market after market and I need to open this storefront to give the public what they want- More Fun Sweets!



Comments (49)

Cecile Parranto says:

Good Luck Ashley - Gisele's Sister

47 seconds ago

Debbie Wong says:

You are a rockstar Ashley!!! So proud of you!

46 seconds ago

Gisele Martin says:

CONGRATULATIONS ASHLEY!!! It has happened, now you can rest well.. Absolutely without a doubt , I have had the BEST carrot cake and a huge variety of cupcakes that you have created. You have a talent, a passion, and now a vision!! Mike and I only want the VERY BEST for you!! xxoo

34 seconds ago

Harold Ferster says:

A well run campaign Ashley!

47 seconds ago

Lynn Gale says:

Good luck!

33 seconds ago

Maggie Gutiérrez says:

YBB Member

38 seconds ago

Richard Seymour says:

Good Luck with your new store Ashley!!

53 minutes ago

Kirstin Baker says:

What a cool way to raise money! Can’t wait for this place to open! Who doesn’t love homemade baked goods?!?

10 seconds ago

Christy Seville says:

You can do this! So close to your goal.

51 seconds ago

Darryl Poirier says:

Wishing Ashley the Best

13 seconds ago

Ryan & Jordan MacDonald says:

Best of Luck!

36 seconds ago

Karen Rachinski says:

Your passion and tenacity toward your craft is beautiful Ashley..... I envision your bakery to be highly recognized and successful simply due to the strong foundation you're building from sheer determination, hard work and great passion....ONWARD.

12 seconds ago

Heather Robertson says:

I will be looking for dairy free (eggs are ok) cupcakes please! Thank you! Friends with Jade and Natasha.

7 seconds ago

Wayne and Marion Lloyd and Briand-Lloyd says:

Go Ashley go! We really, really hope you make it!

40 seconds ago

Danielle Dugan says:

Keep up the great work! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you during this final push!

51 seconds ago

Sarah Van says:

You can do this Babes! I believe in you and your dream! I want those yummy Mango ones from the last event.

52 seconds ago

Rebecca Ung says:

Good luck!!!! I hope you achieve your dream.

49 seconds ago

Amanda Lloyd says:

Good luck! :)

57 seconds ago

Klarissa Paradis says:

Keep pushing!!! Soooo close!

4 seconds ago

Holly Force says:

Good luck Ashley!

15 seconds ago

Breanna Rantucci says:

I’d love to see your bakery open it’s doors in Leduc. Good luck with your crowdfunding!

59 seconds ago

Arlene Hercules says:

Ashley - wishing you all the success in the world. You are a fantastic Baker and I can't wait to visit your storefront and brag about it to everyone. You got this girl! Xo

31 seconds ago

Wilfred Martin says:

Ashley, Hoping this will assist in making your dreams come true.

27 seconds ago

Frank & Claudette Duff says:

Hi Ashley. We are Gisele's sister and brother-in-law. Best of luck on your new endeavor. Claudette & Frank

51 seconds ago

Lynda Wahl says:

Good luck on your new adventure

20 seconds ago

Stefanie Clarkson says:

Ash - we hope all your dreams come true! You have certainly earned it! You have a heart of gold and we can’t wait to see you in a shop all your own!!! We love you so much!!! Xoxoxo Love the Clarkson-Park’s <3

15 seconds ago

Linda Park says:

I really hope you get there and can make your dream come true.

47 seconds ago

Leo Beaudry says:

Good luck Ashley!

10 seconds ago

Carly Bodnarek says:

Way to go Ashley!

17 seconds ago

Elyse Prince says:

Beautiful person and desserts. Reach for the stars xoxo

12 seconds ago

Jessica Roth says:

We can't wait to see you open your local business!

28 seconds ago

Michelle Levasseur says:

Congratulations Ashley. I am certain your dream will become a reality. I look forward to visiting the storefront in the near future.

37 seconds ago

Jocelyn Davison says:

You've got this Ashley!!

19 seconds ago

Pamela Mcaulay says:

Ashley, as someone who has tried your concoctions multiple times, from the incredibly crafted penis cupcakes at Elyse’s bachelorette and wedding, and the amazing pies you made for thanksgiving, I 100% believe you are following your true calling and will find success with wherever you decide it should take you. You are a real #BOSSBABE!! Best of luck in your business venture!!!

25 seconds ago

Steve M. Prince says:

Best of luck Ash

47 seconds ago

Kim Bateman says:

My daughter & I absolutely love your cupcakes! She's asking when we can get them again!! Best of luck on opening your store!

37 seconds ago

Chrissy Ferster says:

You are very talented...you're cupcakes are absolutely out of this world!! I hope you reach your goal

7 seconds ago

Laurie Cusveller says:

We admire people who follow their passion and believe wholeheartedly in growing Women Entrepreneurs!! Wish you great success, Laurie and Kees Cusveller!

44 seconds ago

Teresa Benjamin says:

So excited for you Ashley! You're so talented!

59 seconds ago

Clarice Force says:

You go Ashley! Can’t wait to visiting the new shop, Clarice and Graeme Hope

12 seconds ago

Karen Klassen says:

Ashley’s creations are beautiful and delicious.

12 seconds ago

Deborah Etherington-Spearman says:

You're smart, confident, efficient, and a great baker.

5 seconds ago

Kim Birrell says:

Good Luck Ashley, hope you fulfill your dreams, Kim and Stewart

50 seconds ago

Harold Ferster says:

Go Girl

47 seconds ago

Cathy Prince says:

Great fun to be a part of making your bakery dream a reality.

47 seconds ago

Malina Ternovatsky says:

I am so excited for you!! Can’t wait to follow along with you in this new adventure!

10 seconds ago

Scott & Taylor Deakin says:

We are in awe watching you turn your dreams into reality. You are inspiring and we cant wait to see what you will achieve this year. Xoxo - Scott and Taylor

2 seconds ago

Rivet Management says:

Very exciting!! Your products look beautiful and our team cannot wait to try and your fresh flavors!! Always happy to support other passionate local entrepreneurs!!

13 seconds ago

Wayne and Marion Lloyd and Briand-Lloyd says:

Go, Ashley! You make amazing treats and we look forward to visiting you at your storefront when it is ready!

26 seconds ago


Ashley Prince


Culinary arts and baking have been a love of mine since I was young. It was my intention to enroll in a culinary arts program right out of high school, but my life took a different path. I am so thrilled to be putting my first passion back into the spotlight.

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