Splat and Co- Local,Sustainable Products For Life!

by Jamie Bowen splatandco@gmail.com

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Mar 01, 2019


Apr 15, 2019




Splat and Co- Local,Sustainable Products For Life!

by Jamie Bowen in Calgary

Business Plan


Splat And Co is a small cottage based company who believes strongly in raising awareness of our local wool industry. We are doing this both thru our fun eco friendly products as well as thru teaching. We would like to continue to grow and hope that with this campaign we can both purchase some much needed equipment ( a machine to help felt our dryer balls and a hand cranked knitting machine to create hats and scarves) as well as hire staff.

We have just brought on a single mom to help with production and in the past have hired friends on disability. We would like to continue with the cottage based model so people such as stay at home parents, people with disabilities and others who need a flexible home based job can work within their schedules. 

If enough is raised we will also be seeking out studio space within Calgary to both teach from and sell supplies. We had secured a spot but this has fallen thru so we are currently looking for a space for this fall or winter.

We are also excited about the opportunity to work with Blush Lane. If we reach or exceed our goal thru this campaign with at least 50 backers we will have our products on the shelves of Blush Lane Organic Grocer. Which in turn will teach us valuable information from industry experts to expand into this realm of retailer.


Our Story

We started production about 6 years ago in Kelowna BC shortly after our daughter was born and sustainable products were hard to find. With our attenuation towards the natural fibre world, we examined different products that we could make that would be sustainable, long lasting, and ethically sourced.

Late in 2017 we relocated to Calgary Alberta in order to shorten our supply chain as our primary and/ or sole supplier is located 40 minutes North of the city just outside the town of Carstairs, Ab. With this close proximity, we have grown closer to the family and friends of the mill and have developed a stronger relationship with the overal productive process of wool.

An integral aspect of our lives and business values is the advancement of a local economy that is sustainable and environmentally aligned. As we explored more and more alternatives for day to day life that were sustainable, more light was shed on the possibilities and potentialities present within the fibre industry and with regards to different industrial/ productive spectrums. As such, we were presented with concepts that were "outside the box" and all that potential has infiltrated our lives.. and we are eager to share these with a growing public for a general sustainable future. 

Our products are, currently, available in 60 small shops across the country with more shops being added almost weekly. With this, our goal is to expand our retailer base but also to diversify our reatailer spectrum and in order to do this we need to, both, hire staff and invest in specialized production equipment.

Augmentative, there to, is the unique opportunity to learn from industry specialists and individuals who have been through the paces of starting a company many of whom have started from the rock bottom as we have. Thus, while the equipment and staff is of uttmost importance the opportunity to learn diverse lessons is equally as important to us. 

Comments (16)

Amanda Caldwell says:

I almost missed this! Great job guys.

4 seconds ago

Sean Matthews says:

Good luck! Sean from Tracy Fine Products (peppermills)

39 seconds ago

Denise Clark says:

I hope this works out for you! I love your drive!

21 seconds ago

Erika Meszaros says:

Sorry it took so long! Love you guys!

6 minutes ago

Lisa Frost says:

An amazing company! Absolutely love your stuff and so do all of my customers!!

52 seconds ago

Jill Hawker says:

LOVE supporting another local business!

25 minutes ago

Margaret Ault says:

Wishing you success

25 seconds ago

Betty Osborne says:

So proud of you guys!!

46 seconds ago

Rachael Riethman says:

Thanks, hope to see you guys in Ottawa soon :)

23 seconds ago

Lisa Fennell says:

Way to go Jamie!

54 seconds ago

Carolyn Ault says:

A unique fundraising concept. Best of luck!

3 seconds ago

Trina Maclean says:

I love your business and I'm excited to support you in this way!

1 seconds ago

Alane Smith says:

Lori W pointed this out. Good luck

54 seconds ago

Jenn Tanaka says:

Good luck!!

43 seconds ago

Francesca Pagliotti says:

Wishing you the best on your campaign. We love your products!

3 seconds ago

Rhonda Smith says:

Good luck with your campaign!

4 seconds ago


Jamie Bowen


I design and create our knitwear as well as co create and design our felt goods.

Mike Ault


I create our felt items as well as photograph all of our items for web and social media.

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