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Help local businesses during COVID-19 and choose your reward.

The COVID-19 crisis has reminded us all how important it is to shop local and support businesses in our community. ATB’s reward-based crowdfunding platform, BoostR, makes it easy for you to give local businesses a much-needed cash-flow infusion right when they need it most. Choose a campaign, pick your rewards and give Alberta businesses a boost.

Support local businesses here and now through the power of crowdfunding.

Shop Online. Support Local. Strengthen Alberta.

Give local businesses an essential economic boost during the COVID crisis. We give them an ecommerce platform so they can sell online, they give you a reward and you give them capital to keep going.

Choose Your Campaign.

Browse campaigns to see who the companies are, what they do and what they have to offer. Then choose a reward – a local product to try now or gift cards for services to try later.

Keep Alberta Moving.

Small businesses are important to Alberta. When you support a crowdfunding campaign you provide critical cash flow to sustain local businesses.

How you and BoostR are keeping businesses in business during COVID-19

Sign up now Once you're signed up, check back often as new campaigns will be added as more businesses join the platform.
Shop often Shop as much as you like for rewards, or simply make donations. Once your credit card is charged the businesses will get their money within 5 days.
Spread the word Now more than ever, local businesses need our help. Choose a campaign, make a purchase and then spread the word on social media to encourage other people to shop local too!

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